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a bit about johnbags
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i was inspired by an aunt (june) who has been making bags for family and friends for years. she gave me a bunch of fabric and i made a functional tote bag that i've been using for a few years. in fact, my first labels said "june bags by john!" she still inspires me and we compare ideas and have a lot of laughs.


i started johnbags in 2020 during the pandemic. having made many bags and other household items like window treatments, pillows and seat covers, it was a great way to keep sane during an unprecedented time. it started as a way to have bags for every purpose and to give homemade gifts. my creativity resulted in bags that are works of art as well as useful. interest spread and it became a hobby/small business.

all bags are made to be functional and unique. the available page shows bags that are “in stock” and what's coming, and the samples page shows previously made bags to provide food for thought if someone is interested in a custom bag. note that exact materials are not always available.

bags can be ordered and details will be discussed. if a certain material is available, bags can be made with those fabrics but designed with preferences including size, pockets, zippers. i ask what the bag will be used for and design with that purpose. 


some customers provide preferences for bag style and size but state preferred colors and patterns and leave me to create. there is no obligation in those cases and will go into “available” bags. 

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